Air conditioning units H and HL


Characteristics of the product

Frameless and air conditioning units of series H / HL are modular units of square or rectangular cross-section designed for central distribution and air treatment at normal ambient temperatures -30 ° C to + 40 ° C, air flow rate in the range of 2.000 to 100.000 m3 h.



Frameless air-handling and air-conditioning units of series H/HL are modular square or rectangulared units designed for central distribution and air treatment, i.e. for filtration, heating, cooling, heat recovery, humidification and dehumidification in production facilities, office buildings, hospitals, shopping centres, schools, sports facilities, restaurants, food processing facilities and other premises. 


Construction of the unit consists of 50 mm self-supporting sandwich panels.
The shell consists of zinc plated, japanned or stainless plate 0.8 mm. The panels are filled with mineral fibres, the rated weight of insulation is 50 kg/m3.
PParameters of panels are: side thickness 50 mm, index of air soundproof 40 dB, coefficient of heat transmission 0,71 Wm-2 K-1.

Types of frameless units H/HL:

• Standard
• podstropní
• Ceiling
• Hygienic version
• Outdoor
• EX design

Benefits and advantages of frameless units of series H/HL:

• Large number of types
• Noise attenuation
• Energy efficiency
• Easy installation and maintenance
• Short delivery time

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