Roof units H-Top

Ventilation, heating and cooling
Heat pump
Axial fans for outdoors
integrated measurement and control system
easy installation „Plug & Play“


Use and working conditions

H-Top units are roof ventilation units for airing, heating and cooling air. The cooling and in the case of reverse operation, the supply air is heated by a heat pump. The heat pump has 2 independent circuits and is equipped with two to four scroll compressors. The supply air heater can be gas condensing, water or electrical. The devices are designed for outdoor installation with a temperature of -15 to 40 ° C.

The devices are designed for the transport and treatment of air in a normal environment without the risk of explosion. The H-Top device is equipped with its own measuring and control system, which ensures all operating states and can communicate with the superior system.


The housing of the device is made of highly resistant galvanized steel. The outer sheets consist of painted sheets, which are provided on the outside with three protective layers with a total thickness of 25 μm on the outside of the supplier. The polyester paint used has a color of RAL 9002. The cladding has a unique self-supporting construction that is protected by an industrial design. The construction of the cabinet allows easy access to all components and possible replacement of individual units. The service panels are equipped with crankcases that allow easy handling with hinges and complete removal of the service panels. The cladding consists of sandwich elements with mineral insulation with a thickness of 50 mm. The inside surface of the device is completely smooth and consists of galvanized sheet metal. The base frame of the device is equipped with eyelets for lifting with the crane.

Heat pump

The heat pump cycle is designed in such a way that it meets strict environmental standards and at the same time achieves a high level of efficiency. The heat pump circuit is equipped with scroll compressors with variable output. The circuit is under constant supervision of the measuring and control system, which monitors the operation and, in the event of a fault, evaluates the situation and prevents damage to the heat pump circuit.

Outdoor fans

Axial fans with high efficiency and low noise level, which have been developed according to the latest bionic findings, are used to cool outdoor heat exchangers. The fans are equipped with AC or EC motors and balanced statically and dynamically. Axial fans are infinitely adjustable to the required output.

Measuring and control system H-Control

The measuring and control system ensures complete autonomous operation of the device. The measuring and control system is optimized for the control of the H-Top roof unit so that the individual parts of the unit are not unnecessarily stressed (e.g. frequent switching on of compressors), but at the same time the lowest possible energy consumption is guaranteed.

The measuring and control system can be controlled directly on the device via the display on the control or from a remote location using the visualization. As a variant, the unit can be managed with the superior system of the building or send SMS messages for individual states.

The measurement and control system is resistant to phase reversal as standard and prevents the possibility of the compressors and other motors of the device rotating backwards. The MaR system is equipped with a safety function which, after disconnection from the power supply, ensures that the operator must check the device and start it before restarting.

Function schema of the H-Top unit

Schéma jednotky H-Top


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