H and HL air-conditioning units

Non-frame structure
Excellent strength of structure D1, D2
Casing air leakage L1, L2
Thermal bridging factor TB2
Thermal transmittance T3
Easy installation and maintenance of units
High variabilty of units options

H-Block Compact units

Compact design
Non-frame structure
High recuperation efficiency
MaR integrated system
Easy installation „Plug & Play“

H-Control Measuring and control system

regular flow of ventilators
control and protection of water heating
control and protection of plate heat exchanger
control of flaps
signalization of air filter clogging
control heat pump compressor, including reverse operation

H-Uni air-conditioning units

Integrated dehumidification, cooling, heating
Reversible heat pump
High recuperation efficiency
Measuring and control system
Easy installation „Plug & Play“

H-Pool swimming pool units

Integrated dehumidification, cooling, heating
Heat pump circuit with electronic expansion valve
Measuring and control system

H-Top roof units

Ventilation, heating and cooling
Heat pump
Outdoor axial fans
Measuring and control system
Easy installation „Plug & Play“



PF 2024

Merry Christmas! Thank you for your cooperation and we wish you much happiness, health, love and success in the New... Read More →

Reference: Spitzer’s Villa in Janovice near Rýmařov

We supplied a dehumidifying air-conditioning unit of the H-Uni series with a flow rate of 1600 m3/h to Spitzer’s Villa.... Read More →

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