H-BLOCK compact unit


Product characteristic

H-Block is compact air handling unit, for air volumes from 2000 to 8000 m3/h, capable of heat recovery, heating, cooling, air mixing and filtration.



The air conditioning units are manufactured in a single section. The units are designed for floor installation and are supplied with a base frame. The unit intake and discharge ports are located on the top edge of the section and are equipped with flexible connections, which are terminated with strip flanges for the connection to duct conduits. The exchanger outlets, door, inspection openings and fittings are located on the operating side of the unit. The units are normally equipped with a complete measuring and regulation set, distribution box and frequency converters, which are located inside of the unit. The unit’s main switch and the control panel are located on the outside of the unit. Access to ventilators, filters, frequency converters and the distribution board is provided through a door equipped with closure hardware.


The air handling unit is made as a compact block. The side walls are build from 50mm insulation sandwich pannels. Casing can be made from galvanized sheet, inox or pre-painted sheet with 0,8mm thickness.


• Free impellers
• Hot water counter-flow exchanger
• Electrical or water exchanger
• Mixing
• Direct evaporation
• Plate heat with by-pass or rotary heat recuperation
• Bag filters G3 – F9 Class

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