H/HL Air-handling units of series Swimming pool


Characteristics of the product

Swimming-pool air conditioning units H/HL are specially designed for ventilation of the in-door public, school, hotel, family swimming-pools as well as baths and other facilities with high air humidity. The units provide for central air distribution, conditioning and dehumidification, i.e. filtering, warming and recuperation. The Swimming-pool air conditioning units are compact or modular units of the square/rectangular cross section.



Air-handling and air-conditioning units of series H/HL swimming-pool are compact or modular units of square/rectangular section designated for air central distribution, treatment and dehumidification, i.e. for filtration, heating, heat recovery and dehumidification in roofed public, school, hotel and private swimming-pools, baths and other premises with high air humidity.


The sections are assembled from filet closed Al-angles that have surfaces forsealing peripheral panels. The angles are connected by corner Al-brackets. The connection is made by pressing on and is secured by riveting. The rigid panels are fixed by riveting from inside, the service panels are pressed by clamps or screwed from the section outside. The orifices for regular maintenance are fitted with doors.The panel is assembled from two steel galvanized troughs that are peripherally riveted together by single-ended rivets; the outer panel wall is made of varnished sheet. Inside the panel there is insulating filler from Orsil material with specific weight of 100 kg/m3 and degree of flammability B. Panel thickness is 25 mm. Index of the panel air soundproof is R = 41 dB, heat-transfer coefficient is k = 1.55 Wm-2K-1.The protective zinc layer on the panel sheet is 275 g/m2 at minimum. In case of special demand it is possible to supply units with panels made from stainless sheets on the internal side. Doors are made from modified panels and are fitted with hinges and locks.The fan-motor set with V-belt drive is mounted on the common frame, which is made from special profiled Al-bars. The set is spring-mounted on the section structure by means of rubber blocks. The fan discharge and section wall are interconnected with flexible insert. The suction and discharge openings of the unit are fitted with flexible insert for connection to a pipeline.The cooling circuit of the heat pump is sealed, the used coolant R407C is environmentally friendly. The unit with heat pump is equipped with extremely silent sealed spiral compressor Copeland – Scroll.Electric switchboard with a control unit is an inseparable part of the air-conditioning unit. It includes microprocessor regulation and power circuits and it is located on the unit side; if required by a customer, it may be supplied separately for placement on a machine room wall.

Types of units H/HL for swimming pools:

• With plate recovery excharger – R
• With double plate recovery – RR
• With heat pump – T
• With plate recovery excharger and heat pump – RT
• With double plate recovery and heat pump – RRT

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